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Dyson DC78THR – Cinetic Canister Vacuum

Price : $ 799.99 $ 449.99

(Factory Reconditioned w/ Manufacturer’s Warranty)


The Dyson DC78TH Canister Vacuum is engineered for outstanding cleaning performance and ease of use. It has the strongest suction at the cleaner head, which automatically self adjusts for different carpet lengths and hard floors. The DC78 has Dyson’s latest Cinetic™ technology, and Ball™ technology for smooth steering.


– Dyson DC78 Turbinehead Vacuum features Dyson Cinetic™ technology, which is the smallest cyclones with oscillating tips, powerful centrifugal forces capture more microscopic dust than any other cyclone

– Dyson’s finest shroud design means the outer cyclone captures debris allowing refinement of the inner cyclones to capture more microscopic dust

– Ultra-efficient Dyson Cinetic™ cyclones means no filter to wash or replace, and no bag

– Dyson cyclones capture particles down to 0.5 microns – including pollen, mould and bacteria

– Hygienic and quick bin empty with just the push of a button

– Low hose connection point to keep the applied force closer to the ground and increase stability when pulled

– The cyclone pack articulates with the chassis, so it’s easy to control the machine when moving around obstacles

– Detachable handle